The pattern of breathing is connected with the pattern of movement.


It ensures a free flow of cleansing oxygen throughout the body, improving circulation and helping to avoid unnecessary tension in the muscles.






Origins of Pilates


Joseph PilatesIt was Joseph Pilates, who in the 1920's developed this method thanks to his understanding of both the muscles and the skeletal system. It is this holistic approach that sets Pilates apart from many other forms of exercise.


Joseph Pilates was both a boxer and a self-defence instructor. Although dancers were among the first converts to the benefits of the Pilates method, it is interesting to note that the legendary German heavyweight boxer Max Schmelling was also a regular at his New York studio.







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Please note: whilst venues are open to everyone, newcomers cannot attend a class unannounced. It is essential to undergo an induction session before joining one of the classes to go through the basic principles in the comfort and privacy of a one to one session.





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