Centring refers to the practice of initiating and controlling movement from the center or "Powerhouse" - abdominals, buttocks and back muscles. This concept lies at the heart of Pilates work.








I specialise in the management of such problems as: back and neck pain, sports injuries, fractures, knee, shoulder, foot and ankle problems as well as whiplash, soft tissue, headaches and women's health.


Pilates is clearly a uniquely intelligent and precise form of exercise and body conditioning. The benefits for all include:


It is more dynamic than yoga but less aggressive, competitive and high-impact than aerobics, jogging or gym-work, which unlike Pilates, can place damaging strain on the joints and the heart.







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Please note: whilst venues are open to everyone, newcomers cannot attend a class unannounced. It is essential to undergo an induction session before joining one of the classes to go through the basic principles in the comfort and privacy of a one to one session.





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